Stephen Vanasco (formerly known as Van Styles) was first exposed to photography through the 90’s skateboard scene. Having grown up studying magazines such as Thrasher,Slap,Big Brother & Transworld he was shown early on that making photographs could be a self expressive and creative outlet. This ideology mixed with the mindset and approach to life skateboarding would give him would have a profound impact in his life for years to come.

Through a chance opportunity he was able to get a job in his early 20’s making photographs for a production company. The more he delved into photography he quickly realized he was developing the same passion for this art form as he did as a teenager with skateboarding. Taking notice of this as time went on he decided to take a chance and to see where by following what he loved doing would take him.

After having some amazing opportunities of working with a great array of skateboard and streetwear companies Stephen decided to go for his own and create Visual. What started out as an outlet for not only his photography and design concepts but for other talented creative photographers he admired has now evolved into a skateboard company as well featuring some talented riders.

With the growth of Visual its core message has and continues to stay true. Find what you love doing in life and do it as much as possible. Wanting to be more than just a fashion outlet Stephen wants Visual to serve as a constant reminder and source of inspiration for others to go for theirs.


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