Wynning :: Sarah Ann Miller

Posted on August 05 2016

Las Vegas while an interesting city is probably one of the places I visit the least. Not out of a big dislike for it by any means. It is usually due to the heat. I know I live in L.A. where we have our fair share of scorchers but something about Las Vegas feels a bit more dramatic. So it is no wonder most people hang out poolside,at the casinos or just in their room to stay cool. For me while keeping cool in my room I felt it would be more exciting if Sarah Ann Miller stopped by for a shoot. She and I had met 4 years ago in Vegas. Over the time we have kept in touch and I would say have been good friends since.

It had been awhile since we got to shoot together so I was excited to have a good hotel room for such an occasion. This set was probably my favorite from this day. I loved her outfit and we happen to have some great lighting. Check out the images below and thank you Sarah for always being down to shoot!

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