Winter in N.Y.

Posted on February 05 2018

Winter can be a special time of year to most. Holidays aside and despite some harsh cold weather the settings that can be created with some snow tend to be visually stimulating. Especially in N.Y. Don't get me wrong I have had the chance to be in some bare parts of Alaska during a snowfall and it was drop dead gorgeous, there is something about New York in the winter that has a different feeling.  

Perhaps it is the contrast of this concrete jungle be blanketed with nature that make it something more. While on one of my recent trips to NYC I happened to get some snow fall which meant me walking around the city making photos of whatever caught my eye. In the spirit of not going crazy with the postings for this blog I decided to keep this set short and sweet. Hopefully suggesting that if you have never been to New York in the winter do yourself a favor and go. With snow or not it is even more beautiful. 

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