Warmth :: Samantha

Posted on September 26 2019

I keep continue to explore the idea of not rushing to edit or post images. Wether it is shot with film or digital ( but mainly digital ) I have been taking time to re-visit some photos and to see if I am inspired to dig into them. 

Sometimes it is just looking them over to understand better what I am looking at. That was the case with this photoset I made with Samantha out in N.Y. two years ago exactly this month. 

I have been really enjoying the idea of recognizing digital photos as their own medium. Meaning I am not trying to make them look like film or doing any crazy post processing to them. But rather accepting the medium and letting it live as is. 

I remember using my dream lens for this set. The idea was to use vintage glass to render a look embedded within the photo. Between the warmth of the light we had in my hotel room and textures of the bed sheets along with her outfit I wanted to set a tone or a feeling of relaxed. No over the top posing to thrust the female form in your face but rather a subtle approach to see it as is. Hope you enjoy the images and remember it is ok to take your time. - S.V.

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