Warmer Thoughts :: Softest Hard

Posted on February 13 2017

The winter feels are still going strong out here in L.A. (I know I know it is a lot more tame than other parts of the country). I think the one thing I love about photographs is the ability to be transported back to the day the photo was made. Wether it is a good time with friends and family or just a day where a moment struck a connection with you strong enough to have you make a picture of it to hold onto. 

I decided I wanted to have some warmer thoughts so I made some selects from a shoot I did with Softest Hard at my house. This day really sticks out to me because I got a terrible sun burn from shooting outside by my pool for this. 

What I love about working with Softest is her relaxed attitude that transcends the photos we make. This was a playful set utilizing some strong natural light along with colors. Scroll below to see what I am talking about and thanks Softest for always continuing to create! 


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