Vintage Vibes :: Lyssa Roberts

Posted on April 03 2019

I recently had a chance to create a photo set with Lyssa Roberts that was a bit out of my normally presentation. Being a fan of styling from the 1960's when we were pulling wardrobe for our shoot there was an outfit that grabbed my attention and I had a feeling we would be able to make something fun with it. 

It was a throwback to this era that I love to see. Aside from the architects designs at the time fashion had a great approach to use of materials and lines as well. Something about a classic piece is always intriguing to me. 

Now I had been spending some time up at the Griffith Observatory prior to this shoot and once I saw the outfit I figured it would be fun to go up there and to see what we could create given the setting and her clothing. 

Now it was a bit cold when we got there but Lyssa happened to have a cool coat that went perfect with her outfit. To tie this all together I opted to shoot the whole set with CineStill 50D. Being familiar with their film stock and the texture and coloring of the 50D I knew it would give the set the look I wanted to achieve. 

Thats the really fun part of shooting with film is understanding the stock you are using to get desired end result with purpose. I felt I was able to do just that here with Lyssa. Hope you enjoy the set and be sure try out some of the CineStill film stock when you can it is really fun to work with. 

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