Use of Light :: Rina Toeda

Posted on November 01 2019

It is always great to get to create with people from all different types of cities. Last summer I had the opportunity to make some photos with Rina Toeda. So when she mentioned she was going to be back in L.A. recently I immediately asked if she would like to make some more photos. Fortunately for me she said yes. 

I was able to get a room at the Shangri-La in Santa Monica for our shoot. I love the textures the rooms have along with the natural light it gets. But when she was showing me outfits she wanted to shoot in I had an idea. With one of the choices being this mesh black one piece I wanted to see what we could come up with just using a wall lamp as our light source. 

It was fun being able to move and position the light as need be. The deep shadows it made in the frame was thrilling to work with. After we had got some photos made in this setting I noticed out in the living room of the suite that there was some good day light so we shot a few more frames to make use of it. 

The mixing of lighting was fun to blend the end results together to make a set of images I was very pleased with. Which is what making photos should be all about. You should be aiming to please your taste for creativity first. That is the most rewarding thing. If an audience starts to appreciate your work well then that is just a beautiful plus to not take for granted. 

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