Unseen :: Nikki Blades

Posted on October 24 2019

A big part of photography (aside from making the photograph) is making sure you look at your work. The more I dive into this idea the more I am going back through my photos. Some I have worked on some stuff I haven't. None the less it is important to go through the pictures and to make sure they get out there when you are ready.

Todays case in point is some unseen work I have of Nikki Blades from our last shoot we had done about 2 years ago. Not sure why I took so long to get to these but I am glad I did. She was always a great subject to make photos with and as I went through these shots I am personally pleased with the end results we achieved. A soft monochromatic set featuring a minimal approach. A few or my favorite thins for a photo shoot. Enjoy the pictures and always make time to look at your pictures! 

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