Tonight Tonight :: Smashing Pumpkins live at the Troubadour

Posted on July 03 2018

Sometimes you get those messages that unexpectedly pop up in your inbox that you can't help but get excited as you read them. Last week I received one in regards to the Smashing Pumpkins with an opportunity to photography them at The Troubadour in Los Angeles. 

I have been a fan of their music since the 90's (I mean growing up as a teenager in that era how could you not be?). Aside from my personal love for the music they have made this was also to kick off their tour with most of the original band members including James Iha. 

To have a chance to see them live as well as photograph the group in such an iconic/intimate venue was great but there was also a bonus to this.... no cell phones allowed at all. Now I loved this idea, not for the fact that the only photos coming from this show would be from myself and the few selected photographers but rather everyone that would be attending (photographers included) this show would be present in the moment. Something that doesn't happen too often at festivals and shows where it seems like rather than just enjoying the music people would rather digest it in 15 second clips for their stories. 

To be honest I was rather nervous for this. Maybe it was just the excitement of being able to document such an iconic bands performance... who knows. They played an amazing set and I must say was one of the best bands I have heard live. I did find myself at times taking breaks to just enjoy the songs in between shots. Below are my favorite selects from the night. Feel free to scroll below to check them out! - SV

 If you are interested in catching one of their shows you can see their tour dates here.

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