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Posted on April 26 2017

It has been a minute since I have shared a new Test Shot segment. I have been missing doing these so I am going to do my best to work at bringing them back. While it is not an in depth interview I love the idea of showcasing the personalities to the people I get to make photos with. 

Today I am going to share a set I got to make with Anel Selgado. I remember the main thing that caught my attention in regards to her aside from her look was a glimpse into her sense of humor. I want to say at the time it was her tumblr page and it had some tag line in reference to her name saying Anel not Anal. Which definitely gave me a chuckle. 

It is little things like this that make me want to create with someone. Sure you can see how great they look in a variety of photos but the personality can demonstrate more at times. So I hope you enjoy this new Test Shot! Be sure to check out our interview below along with the photo set!

Alright Anel, I am happy to be finally putting this set out. Lets kick things off with your age. How old are you? 


And your ethnicity?

I'm Hispanic -Guatemalan & Mexican 

Where were you born? 

Pasadena, California 

Where do you live?

Awesome, give us some of your likes in life.
Music, festivals, photography, skateboarding, vintage playboy, reading, the smell of gasoline, food, camping. I dunno. I like a lot of things. 

A lot of good things at that. What about dislikes?
Too many things to list.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I'll never grow up, but I want to be a full time photographer. 

Mark Ellen Mark. Brad Elterman. Diane Arbus. 

Do you have a favorite food?

I'm on a ramen tip right now. But my true love is pasta. 

What about a favorite place you have traveled to?
I haven't traveled nearly as much as I want to but I really enjoyed Guatemala and Louisiana.

Name a place or places you want to visit before you die.

India or Egypt.

What about current form of employment?
Sales & marketing for a shoe boutique & freelance photographer.

Do you have a favorite type of music?
Anything good (i.g. Kinks. Dead Kennedys. Janis Joplin. The Records. Johnny Thunders. Nina Simone). 
Great selection. So what is it that you love about photography?
I like that you can capture the essence of someone in a candid photo. Or being inundated with memories when looking at a photograph. 
What is your favorite subject matter you find yourself shooting? 
I like to photograph people. It's nice to see how human attitudes and demeanors change in front of a camera. 
And how long have you been modeling for? 
I don't consider myself a model but I kinda fell into it when I started photographing. I would ask to photograph my friends and they would want to photograph me in return. Nothing serious.
With that said what keeps you modeling?
Friends asking me to be a part of stuff.
Any last words? 
Chicken tenders.
Please be sure to check out Anel's blog as well as her intstagram.

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