• Warmth :: Samantha

    Posted on September 26 2019

    I keep continue to explore the idea of not rushing to edit or post images. Wether it is shot with film or digital ( but mainly digital ) I have...

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  • Depth of Feel :: Samantha

    Posted on January 16 2019

    Keeping up with my last model post with Claire I came upon another set I had made with my pal Samantha while in N.Y. that made use of the artificial...

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  • N.Y.C. with Samantha

    Posted on March 07 2018

    Whenever I get a chance to go back to NYC my schedule can usually be pretty hectic. Between shooting, catching up with family/friends and just exploring the city my days...

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  • Recent Developments :: 10.17.17

    Posted on October 17 2017

    I got a chance to get 25 rolls of film developed recently. After a bit of traveling I felt it would be better for me to get these going vs....

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  • Monochrome Monday :: SlamDat

    Posted on May 01 2017

    Currently in the mood of sharing some monochromatic images this Monday. A photo set of SlamDat shot in the lobby of the V/SUAL HQ seemed fitting. I loved contrast setting...

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  • Roadside :: Samantha

    Posted on November 29 2016

    Sometimes the best backdrops for when shooting with a model are the unexpected ones. A reference point to this idea is in the photo set I shot with Samantha a.k.a....

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