• Light and Lace :: Danny Dev

    Posted on June 14 2019

    Hello from the road! I am currently in Seattle after wrapping up my event with Moab Paper and Creative Live. I made it a point to bring a hard drive...

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  • New Work :: Natalya

    Posted on May 04 2018

    I am back again this week with some more new work. This time I wanted to showcase a photoset I made with a Natalya. A few people that we mutually...

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  • New Work :: Azalia Lexi

    Posted on April 23 2018

    The hustle and bustle of life can sometimes change up your work flow. Not to say I have been shooting any less, it is just that I find the process...

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  • Monochromatic Moments :: Monica Alvarez

    Posted on February 09 2018

    I hope everyone is having a good Friday. Being it is the end of most people's work week I figured it was a good idea to wrap things up with...

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  • Portraitures :: Charlotte McKee

    Posted on August 30 2017

    Learning to make variety of photos with different feelings in a limiting setting can sometimes be a bit challenging. But a challenge I enjoy taking on. While out in N.Y....

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  • Night Light :: Melissa Arreola

    Posted on July 28 2017

    I am big believer in making due with what you have. This phrase can be applied to a lot of different settings but in the case of this blog post...

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  • Black & White Session :: Emily Sears

    Posted on July 11 2017

    This summer heat out here in L.A. (especially the valley) is in full effect. Which means I have been dedicating some time to processing and posting some photo shoots. Today...

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  • Seeing Red :: Emily Sears

    Posted on May 31 2017

    It is always great to get together and create with people you have a history with. The whole process of making photos with one another has already been established and...

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  • Mondrian Moments :: Mive Ramos

    Posted on May 22 2017

    Happy Monday everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend. I myself just got back from a much needed get away to Oahu. It was a really refreshing trip....

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  • Portrait Session :: Savannah K.

    Posted on May 09 2017

    Whenever I am on a location, especially one I had worked on before I always find myself looking around for backdrops I have never utilized before. While doing a shoot...

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  • Mobilizing :: Mate 9 Review

    Posted on May 04 2017

    Back in January while I was out in Las Vegas teaching a workshop at the Vegas Leica store the famed C.E.S. convention was also going on. While I am not...

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  • Tunnel Vision :: Tina Louise

    Posted on March 02 2017

    Sorry for the lag of blog updates everyone! I have been catching up once again from my recent travels. I had the opportunity to do a project in Miami followed...

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  • SkillSharing :: Developing a Visual Signature

    Posted on February 23 2017

    I recently had the opportunity to develop a third class on photography with the good people over at SkillShare. Given the platform offers a wide array of amazing classes I wanted...

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  • Roadside :: Samantha

    Posted on November 29 2016

    Sometimes the best backdrops for when shooting with a model are the unexpected ones. A reference point to this idea is in the photo set I shot with Samantha a.k.a....

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  • Balcony Scene :: Riley Reid

    Posted on November 27 2016

    With the launch of the V/SUAL x Riley Reid Black Friday project it only made sense to keep the good times rolling with another photo set of Ms. Reid. This...

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  • Studio Session :: Alex Dunn

    Posted on November 23 2016

    Pretty crazy how the year starts winding down but my schedule starts cranking up! I recently just got back from Washington, D.C. for an instore launch of the V/SUAL for...

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  • Re-Issue :: 170 with Nikki Blades

    Posted on November 16 2016

    Back again with another Re-Issue segment. As mentioned before this is going to be an on going project of putting out of some of my favorite past shoots that I...

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  • Visions in Vegas :: Jenny Chung

    Posted on November 09 2016

    Traveling around is great on so many levels. Not only the places and things you see but also the people who come across your path. While out for Agenda Show...

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  • Studio Session :: Janine Cascio

    Posted on October 31 2016

    Having access to a good studio when away from home is a great thing. While in N.Y. and shooting with Janine Cascio we had a connection to one of the...

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  • It's a Re-Union :: Bad Boy Ent.

    Posted on October 26 2016

    I always love an opportunity to do some concert photography. Even with the traveling I did last month to Hawaii then N.Y. when I got a call asking if I...

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  • Exclusive Selects :: Master & Dynamic

    Posted on October 25 2016

    I recently had the opportunity to talk with the good people of Master & Dynamic. Aside from creating a playlist of some of my favorite songs we discussed photography and...

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  • Shadow Play :: Jenny

    Posted on October 14 2016

    This is a set I have been sitting on waiting to share. It really was just one of those shoots were a lot of elements came together perfectly. From the...

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  • Monochromatic :: Savannah K.

    Posted on October 05 2016

    Still playing catch up with some recent shoots I have done. But moving at a pace that is inspiring. I feel as if I have a fresh set of eyes...

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  • Simplicity in Black & White :: Riley Reid

    Posted on September 14 2016

    As I continue to go through the photos from a recent shoot with Riley Reid it serves as a reminder of the joy of working with a free spirit in...

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  • Endless Summer :: Swimming with Savannah K.

    Posted on September 12 2016

    With the final days of Summer upon us I think it is important to carry on an endless summer mentality. If that means good vibes and fun days to carry...

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  • In My Studio :: Miss Tina Louise

    Posted on September 08 2016

    I am back again with a new session from my studio. This one below was from my shoot with Miss Tina Louise. Having a space like this is a great...

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