• Depth of Feel :: Samantha

    Posted on January 16 2019

    Keeping up with my last model post with Claire I came upon another set I had made with my pal Samantha while in N.Y. that made use of the artificial...

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  • Soft Light :: Azalia Lexi

    Posted on January 03 2019

    Being so caught up in making photos and pushing them out via social media platforms faster than you made them can weigh you down. You will often find yourself chasing...

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  • N.Y.C. with Samantha

    Posted on March 07 2018

    Whenever I get a chance to go back to NYC my schedule can usually be pretty hectic. Between shooting, catching up with family/friends and just exploring the city my days...

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  • Winter in N.Y.

    Posted on February 05 2018

    Winter can be a special time of year to most. Holidays aside and despite some harsh cold weather the settings that can be created with some snow tend to be...

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  • Sweater Weather :: Janine Cascio

    Posted on December 13 2016

    I think it is safe to say that winter has finally reached out all over the world. And by that I mean even in Los Angeles. Even though our winters...

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  • Roof Topping N.Y.C. :: Janine Cascio

    Posted on September 16 2016

    While in N.Y. on a trip I had the chance to connect with Janine Cascio for a photoshoot. We had been playing schedule tag for sometime trying to figure out...

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