• Monochrome with Monica Alvarez

    Posted on November 02 2018

    I am feeling a little monochromatic today. Sometimes I can embrace the vibrant colors of the day and some days I prefer to see things in black and white. Which...

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  • Lady in Red :: Monica Alvarez

    Posted on October 22 2018

    With summer just ending recently I wanted to share some fun images I got to make with Monica Alvarez on a recent trip she took to L.A. just before one...

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  • Monochromatic Moments :: Monica Alvarez

    Posted on February 09 2018

    I hope everyone is having a good Friday. Being it is the end of most people's work week I figured it was a good idea to wrap things up with...

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  • One Piece :: Monica Alvarez

    Posted on October 30 2017

    I have been taking the time to look through some shoots for some upcoming posts. While it is good to take your time and let photos marinate before processing there...

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  • Recent Developments :: 10.17.17

    Posted on October 17 2017

    I got a chance to get 25 rolls of film developed recently. After a bit of traveling I felt it would be better for me to get these going vs....

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  • Linked Up :: Monica Alvarez

    Posted on September 08 2017

    Earlier this week I got to catch up with my friend Monica Alvarez during her stay in L.A. If you have been following my work then you know she and...

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  • Downtown and Out :: Monica Alvarez

    Posted on December 20 2016

    When renting out locations ( such as the Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles ) it doesn't hurt to be aware of the surrounding environment. While it is great to...

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