• Node Red :: Claire Woods

    Posted on August 12 2019

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  • SoundSet on Film

    Posted on July 23 2019

    I finally got some time to get through my scans from SoundSet. With all I have been sharing from Minneapolis recently I wanted to be sure to close out my...

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  • Creating with Claire

    Posted on July 05 2019

    I hope everyone out there in the U.S. had a great 4th of July. Elsewhere in the world I hope you had a great Thursday! I am currently finishing up...

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  • Recent Development :: Minneapolis

    Posted on July 01 2019

    I had a chance to get through some film shots, mainly from the city of Minneapolis. Which means a new Recent DevelopmentĀ post. I used Tri-X 400 for this trip with...

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  • SoundSetting with the Q2

    Posted on June 24 2019

    As mentioned in my prior post I finally got a chance to dig into my photos I made at SoundSetĀ  '19 with the new Q2. After having sometime to really...

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  • Q2 x Minneapolis

    Posted on June 11 2019

    Every May for the past 4 years I have found myself in a yearly routine of heading out to Minneapolis for Memorial Day weekend. What originally started off as an...

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  • Room with a View :: Claire Woods

    Posted on June 05 2019

    Whew.... is all I can say. I know it has been a minute since I got a chance to post here. Still learning the balancing act of life, work and...

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  • Moments in Minnesota :: Claire Woods

    Posted on January 11 2019

    The end of the week is finally upon us. With keeping the spirit of making the most of 2019 I have been skimming through my library and seeing what is...

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