• Alluring :: Linda Zhao

    Posted on September 06 2019

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  • Soaking :: Linda Zhao

    Posted on July 20 2019

    I remember during my last shoot with Linda Zhao I mentioned I wanted to utilize the bath tub at the hotel I had rented for our shoot. It would up...

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  • In between Moments :: Linda Zhao

    Posted on March 25 2019

    One of the most important rules in photography I believe is never put your camera down. And this is not for any particular subject matter. If you are paying attention...

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  • Experimenting :: Linda Zhao

    Posted on October 02 2018

    Sometimes you may get in a routine of creating in a way you are comfortable with. Wether it be by force of habit or the enjoyment of constant praise from...

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  • Guessing with Linda Zhao

    Posted on July 30 2018

    I love the constant exploration of photography. To me it is art form that can grow with the individual. Which is why you see me delving into different types of...

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  • Recent Developments :: 7.12.17

    Posted on July 12 2017

    I have not had the chance to travel in the past couple of months since I have been in L.A. working on the launch of a new chapter for V/SUAL....

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  • Looking Through :: Linda Zhao

    Posted on June 26 2017

    With L.A. experiencing a heat wave and making the valley hit triple digit temperatures, this means I am up in my studio enjoying the a/c and putting in work on...

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  • Exterior Settings :: DTLA with Linda

    Posted on June 14 2017

    Sometimes it is good to get out of an interior setting when shooting with someone. The daylight, fresh air along with creating some quick photos with whatever backdrop catches your...

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