• Fragments :: S.F.

    Posted on October 23 2019

    I found sometime to dig into some scans from my S.F. trip up to DSPTCH last month. With only 48 hours in town I decided to make the most of...

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  • Button Down :: Danny Dev

    Posted on August 26 2019

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  • Node Red :: Claire Woods

    Posted on August 12 2019

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  • Passing Through :: Seattle

    Posted on July 08 2019

    Last month I had the opportunity to head up to Seattle for a project with Moab Paper. This is one of those cities I have been curious about but for...

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  • Creating with Claire

    Posted on July 05 2019

    I hope everyone out there in the U.S. had a great 4th of July. Elsewhere in the world I hope you had a great Thursday! I am currently finishing up...

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  • Recent Development :: Minneapolis

    Posted on July 01 2019

    I had a chance to get through some film shots, mainly from the city of Minneapolis. Which means a new Recent DevelopmentĀ post. I used Tri-X 400 for this trip with...

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  • '89 Ektachrome with Anel

    Posted on April 27 2019

    Happy Saturday everyone! I woke up and felt inspired to dig into this little set of images I had made with Anel on some expired Ektachrome from 1989! Now if...

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  • Vintage Vibes :: Lyssa Roberts

    Posted on April 03 2019

    I recently had a chance to create a photo set with Lyssa Roberts that was a bit out of my normally presentation. Being a fan of styling from the 1960's...

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  • Different Approach :: Lyssa Roberts

    Posted on February 22 2019

    Once you develop a creative process it is very easily to get stuck in your ways. Especially when you feel you have achieved results that you are happy with time...

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  • ATL Aerials

    Posted on February 04 2019

    With the recent Super Bowl event that just went down in Atlanta and all of the news coverage of the city it got me inspired to finally dig into my...

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  • Lady in Red :: Monica Alvarez

    Posted on October 22 2018

    With summer just ending recently I wanted to share some fun images I got to make with Monica Alvarez on a recent trip she took to L.A. just before one...

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