• Warmth :: Samantha

    Posted on September 26 2019

    I keep continue to explore the idea of not rushing to edit or post images. Wether it is shot with film or digital ( but mainly digital ) I have...

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  • Visual Translation :: Lyssa Roberts

    Posted on June 20 2019

    Over the years I learned that when making photos it's  o.k. to not be so literal in every photo. Pulling focus in a different direction, using textures to add as...

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  • Passing Through :: Berlin

    Posted on April 26 2019

    It has been a minute since I last did a Passing Through segment. With having sometime to finally go through some of my photos from my last trip to Berlin I...

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  • Monochromatic :: Natalya

    Posted on March 28 2019

    I love making use of the most minimalist settings for shoots. Stripping a room completely leaves only what is directly in front of you. So while Natalya and I were...

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  • Missing Summer :: Rina Toeda

    Posted on January 25 2019

    For the past few weeks L.A. has finally started to kind of feel like winter. Between colder temps and having actual rain storms it is very much a welcomed change...

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  • Depth of Feel :: Samantha

    Posted on January 16 2019

    Keeping up with my last model post with Claire I came upon another set I had made with my pal Samantha while in N.Y. that made use of the artificial...

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  • Passing Through :: Dameisha Beach, China

    Posted on August 28 2018

    Decided to create another Passing Through segment. This was a trip to China with Pete Halvorsen. We had decided to take a break from the urban perspective of Shenzhen, China and...

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  • Guessing with Linda Zhao

    Posted on July 30 2018

    I love the constant exploration of photography. To me it is art form that can grow with the individual. Which is why you see me delving into different types of...

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  • Tonight Tonight :: Smashing Pumpkins live at the Troubadour

    Posted on July 03 2018

    Sometimes you get those messages that unexpectedly pop up in your inbox that you can't help but get excited as you read them. Last week I received one in regards...

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  • Seeing Color :: Pietrelcina

    Posted on August 28 2017

    While I still find myself submerged in making monochromatic images there are times I find myself intrigued by color. While out visiting family in Pietrelcina I found myself loving the...

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  • M Class :: A Day with the Leica M10

    Posted on January 25 2017

    Last week I had the opportunity to head over to Wetzlar,Germany. Home to the famed Leitz Park as well as the Leica Camera HQ. Now myself and everyone over there...

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