Still Life :: Store Front Mannequins

Posted on October 25 2019

Still life photography has always intrigued me. The interpretation of things just as they are can be fun and a creative challenge. It's a perfect demonstration of making a photo vs. just taking one. 

To continue sharing a bit more from my trip to S.F. I wanted to dive into this a bit. See I have a bad sleep habit of going to bed early at times which results in me waking up far too early at times. This was happening in S.F. and I would find myself waking up round 3 a.m. Rather than try to go back to sleep I would just go out my hotel which was right by Union Square and walk around. 

With the city asleep there really wasn't much life out. But what kept catching my eyes were these store front mannequins on display in this windows. With the silence of the city I thought of trying to photograph these display windows with an attempt to add feeling to the mannequins. To try to somehow humanize them. 

Again I just love the idea of exploring photography. Sometimes you have to try something different to help you get to somewhere new. I thought the results were a bit interesting. I will probably thing twice before just passing another store front window without looking. 

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