SoundSetting with the Q2

Posted on June 24 2019

As mentioned in my prior post I finally got a chance to dig into my photos I made at SoundSet  '19 with the new Q2. After having sometime to really sit and look the photos I continue to be more and more impressed. 

With shooting a bit more film over the past few years the Q2 was the main digital camera I decided to bring to SoundSet. I wanted to see how a 47megapixel fixed 28mm camera could do at a show. I anticipated cropping in on some photos but that seems to be one of the many perks of the Q2. Having that flexibility when needed can be a good thing. 

But I think it really shines when you utilize the 28mm frame and make a whole picture with it. From details to colors I will say Leica nailed it. Having the opportunity to shoot Buddy, Doja Cat, Dem Atlas, Prof, Beast Coast, Lil Nas X, Run the Jewels, SZA & Atmosphere with this camera was really fun. Be sure to check one out when you can! For the imagaes of the people listed above be sure to scroll down! 

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