Soft Light :: Rina Toeda

Posted on August 24 2018

Sometimes a good opportunity for a photoshoot comes when you least expect it. Like last month when I got contacted by my buddy Andrew about his model friend Rina Toeda who was currently in town visiting from Japan. Since she was in L.A. for a bit he thought it would be a good idea that we get together for a shoot.

He was kind enough to reach out to her and get the ball rolling with some introductions via e-mail. While we were able to set a shoot up through this form of communication he mentioned that she knows only a little bit of english and with me knowing zero Japanese this meant I would need to use a translating app. during our shoot.

This would definitely be a first for me but I think making photographs is universal and all it takes is a bit of understanding someones work flow or on the photographer end paying attention to your subject enough to create images with them with out much needing to be said. 

The first set of our shoot would be the images you see below. About midway through making these pictures with Rina the workflow started to click. Resulting in some minimal images I was very pleased with. 

I decided to close the blinds in the location making them act as a soft box with the sun. Given her white two piece lingerie I liked how the light handled the setting. To add a bit more I decided to use a Leica 90mm Thambar lens. If you are not familiar with this piece of glass it is a fun one to create with giving off a soft glow and the more wide open apertures. 

Thank you again Rina for taking time out to come shoot with me! I hope you all enjoy the images we made below. Have a great day! 

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