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Posted on June 05 2019

Whew.... is all I can say. I know it has been a minute since I got a chance to post here. Still learning the balancing act of life, work and photography. Even after 17 years of doing this there are times where it still can feel over whelming in figuring it all out. 
I recently was in Minneapolis for this years SoundSet which was an amazing time once again. So expect some upcoming posts from there. I am currently scanning the film in from that trip and am about 3/4 of the way done. Gotta trust the process right? 
While those images are in the works I figured I needed to share this photo set I made with Claire Woods over at the Loews hotel in Minni. I always like staying here when in town due to the views you can get overlooking the city. This day the light was coming in and out. From diffused due to the clouds to harsh lighting within minutes. Those of you who know Minneapolis know that the weather is always moving fast and sometimes you got to keep up with it. 
We did just that during this shoot. Mixing in shots made with Kodak Portra 400 and Kodak BW 400cn film. Both a C-41 process so the textures are quite similar. Any way with the technicalities scroll below to see our set. Enjoy! 

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