Roof Topping N.Y.C. :: Janine Cascio

Posted on September 16 2016

While in N.Y. on a trip I had the chance to connect with Janine Cascio for a photoshoot. We had been playing schedule tag for sometime trying to figure out when would be able to get together to create. This specific trip to the big apple worked out for both of us. 

I was also able to get a great location for our day of making photos. It is good to have friends in this city I might add. Aside from having access to an amazing studio there was also a great roof top with the city serving as our backdrop. This day was a big muggy but the even lighting worked out well for us. I will be back in N.Y. next week but for now I have to pack for my flight tomorrow to Maui. Enjoy the flicks! 

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