Roadside :: Samantha

Posted on November 29 2016

Sometimes the best backdrops for when shooting with a model are the unexpected ones. A reference point to this idea is in the photo set I shot with Samantha a.k.a. Slam Dat.  

I remember we had done a few sets at my studio this day, feeling the need to switch things up we had gotten into my car and went for a drive. I had no idea of what location I wanted use for this set. Instead I just kept my eyes open for what would look good. After heading down Mulholland for a bit I had found a stretch of road that caught my eye. We pulled over and got to making some photos.

I loved how the light was disappearing over the hills which made me throw on my flash, something I don't do too often. To me this was a fun shoot that had a lot of elements in place for it. From stepping out of my comfort zone and being forced to use a flash to the sense of excitement from the spontaneity of the location the key elements fell into place for this set. See below for what I am talking about and remember, not having a perfectly planned out shoot can be a good thing! 



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