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Posted on June 07 2017

We already halfway through the year. Time seems to be flying at an even faster rate. Feels like yesterday that I was just out in Minneapolis for this years SoundSet festival which also marked their 10 year anniversary. Coming out for this amazing event seems to be turning into my Memorial Day tradition being that I have gone out to shoot it for the past few years. 

This year continued with a few things. First an amazing line up (despite there being some last minute cancelations it was still amazing) and second being able to say hi to what are now some familiar faces I have come to known over the years. Think a high school re-union except everyone is cool as shit. 

This year I decided to have some fun and document some of the show on film. Aside from my admiration for shooting with film I also saw it as an opportunity to invest myself into the experience as much as possible. If you have ever shot a concert or seen people shooting a concert with a digital camera than you know all about the constant chimping (looking at the back of your camera after making a picture) that takes place. I am guilty of this as most photographers are. 

Instead of being distracted by the instant gratification of looking at your photo on the back of a digital device I figured shooting with my MP and some film for a majority of the show would be fun. Since returning from the land of 10,000 lakes I got my film scanned in and felt it would be a good recent development segment. So check out the shots and enjoy! 



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