Re-Issue 001 :: Emily Sears

Posted on August 31 2016

With the few changes to my blog over the past 5 or so years I have had people ask me about my older works and where they could now find them. There are some scattered pieces of my photo sets online through my tumblr or random re-blogs. So I felt it only made sense that I once in awhile post some of my favorite shoots over the years here through this new segment titled "Re-Issue".

For this first posting I wanted to share some photos from my first shoot with Emily Sears. These were taken at her place in L.A. back in 2013 and I remember loving the vibe of this setting. Just one of those shoots where everything fell into place. Emily was great to work with off the bat. Just struck me as a happy woman enjoying modeling in Los Angeles. 

It is definitely fun for me to re-visit some of these photos. I find myself thinking how I would have shoot this differently. But instead I will just be thankful I got to meet Emily and continue to work with her through out the years. Enjoy! 


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