Re-Issue :: 170 with Nikki Blades

Posted on November 16 2016

Back again with another Re-Issue segment. As mentioned before this is going to be an on going project of putting out of some of my favorite past shoots that I have featured on my prior blog. Today I wanted to share this shoot I did with Nikki Blades on an over pass of the 170 freeway.

Any person who lives in the Valley area of Los Angeles is probably familiar with this setting. At the time I had it on my mind as a possible shoot location, just really came down to the right person to spark the inspiration to go out and photograph it. When working with Nikki at my studio I quickly recognized the energy she was bringing to my camera. After a few sets inside we set out to make use of this overpass. The end results being the group of images below. Be sure to scroll through to check them out! 

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