Re-Cap :: Visiting D.C.

Posted on February 02 2017

A couple of months back I had an opportunity to visit our nations capital Washington, D.C. One of the aspects I love about photography is the opportunities for travel that it creates. 

I had not been to D.C. since a skateboard tour I was on back in 2000. On this trip we got to swing through this metropolis for a couple of days. But back then since my passion was skateboarding I had a bit of a tunnel vision and didn't care for much other than good skate spots. Being able to revisit this city with a different way of seeing things excited me. 

I also had the good fortune of having some friends out there to not only catch up with but to also show me around. As I got a chance to walk around and check out the national monuments I had a sudden sense of pride in being American come over me. Seeing these great structures up close and realizing their meaning when they were constructed you couldn't help but feel a bit of national pride. 

Usually it is Americans traveling to Europe or Asia to experience history. While America is a young nation in comparison I realized that through the Lincoln Memorial or the Washington Monument that we have a rich history of our own. Which was evident by all of the foreign tourists I say flocking in awe of all of this. 

Given that I had a few days in D.C. I took it upon myself to make some photos of some of the sights I got to see. Below is my re-cap of my visit for you all to check out. Thanks again to my good friends C.J. and Jeremy Murray of D.C. Bureau for the hospitality! And while we have a lot of options to travel in the world I would suggest making a trip to D.C. just to take in our own history and to remind ourselves why we should be proud of our nation.

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