Q2 x Minneapolis

Posted on June 11 2019

Every May for the past 4 years I have found myself in a yearly routine of heading out to Minneapolis for Memorial Day weekend. What originally started off as an opportunity to shoot the SoundSet festival has grown into me appreciating this city more and more. Not just with the friends I have made there but with everything this place has to offer. 

I was fortunate to get the new Leica Q2  to take with me during my visit this year. Aside from shooting SoundSet I wanted to see how the Q2 could handle other various settings. While I had no specific agenda when walking around Minneapolis I did find myself being constantly attracted to the architecture, textures and colors that make up this place. And felt I would see how to interpret these things with a fixed 28mm lens and 47 megapixels. 

At the end of this trip I often felt like I was walking around with a point and shoot digital medium format camera. I have had the original Q since it was released 4 years ago and it has remained one of my go to cameras to always have on me. I would dare say it was such a good camera that I was wondering how much better could they make the second version. 

Well congratulations Leica you did just that. Now I am not going to go into a full scale review. There are plenty of those out there. I am more or less just sharing user experience. Which to me the first and foremost is does it inspire you to make photos. The quick answer for the Q2 is a big yes. Aside from that I love the minor redesign, the ability to use the same battery as my SL, weather sealing and adding 47 megapixels all contribute to creating another amazing camera that will hold its own for years to come. 

So scroll below to check out my take of Minneapolis with the Q2. I will be sharing some shots from SoundSet as well in the upcoming days so keep an eye out for that. Till then.....


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