Pretty in Pink :: Natalya

Posted on July 05 2018

L.A. is going to be feeling plenty hot this weekend with an expected heatwave. Thinking of the sun warming me up made me come back to this set I created with Natayla while shooting in my backyard. The light leaks on some of the frames reminded me of how the warmth of the sun can be captured in an image. 

When making this set Natayla had this cool two piece pink suit that she wanted to wear for a pop of color. I thought it went well with the setting and also inspired some fun photos. 

I used a Hasselblad 203fe for this shoot incase some of you maybe wondering. For the past year or so I find myself revisiting the analogue process more and more. Something about having to constantly be attentive and in the moment is definitely something I have been enjoying. As I hope you enjoy the group of images below! - SV

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