Pretty in Pink :: Gianna Dior

Posted on March 06 2019

As the weather continues to gift California with an abnormally amount of rain this season it is making me stay indoors and be more proactive about sharing some more photo sets.

Today I wanted to share this set I got to make with Gianna Dior. When we made these photos the weather was not the best. Overly cloudy, scattered rain showers, etc. But one thing I have learned about the lighting on a cloudy day is that either it can be good or bad. On the good side it is more like a diffusion over the sun which is great the other is just completely dark and very difficult to work with. 

Gianna had this cool textured pink one piece we decided to go with for this set. The house I had rented had a cool bedroom with a nice light source falling through it giving some of the shots a nice contrasty glow towards the end of our shoot.

I loved getting that result here. This was a fun set to shoot just due to the relaxed setting as well as Gianna's obvious comfort in her skin in front of the camera. Hope you enjoy the images below and if you are in L.A. stay dry. Till next time. 

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