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Posted on August 30 2017

Learning to make variety of photos with different feelings in a limiting setting can sometimes be a bit challenging. But a challenge I enjoy taking on. While out in N.Y. I had the chance to meet with Charlotte McKee and to make some photos. There was a catch though, due to our schedules I only had a few hours to shoot with her in the a.m. before my flight back to L.A.

Now I had a cool suite booked at the W hotel in downtown, so I had some backdrops to work with. One set though really stood out to me. It was a simple look utilizing the all white bed sheets with her in a all white lace lingerie set. The thing that I noticed I was gravitating towards was the constant draw to making portraits of her.  There was a sense of fun and creativity in making photos but limited yourself in a way to push how you see things. 

I know some photographers reference the word portraiture to shooting models, most notably half naked or entire body shots. To me portraiture is interpreted as utilizing your tool (camera, paint brush, sculpture) to show how you see someone. In the case of women not just the female form but more intently in their face. 

But to each their own. For me this was a set that I enjoyed making in way a little different from what I felt I was use to. So check the set below, I hope you enjoy them and thank you again Charlotte for being such a good sport in regards to scheduling this shoot! 

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