Photo Essay :: Monochrom in K Town

Posted on January 09 2019

One of the most interesting things about photography is taking the time to look at your photographs and being able to contextualize them. Seeing what was catching your eye and having the chain reaction that made you make that photograph. 

Being able to group your pictures together to create a photo essay of some sort can be a fun and powerful thing. It took me awhile to properly understand this as it is very easy to just go off and group together your favorite photos. Sometimes said photos may not have much in common and have nothing beyond but being your favorite image. Which to the viewer doesn't really help them understand how you see things. Think of it as story telling for the eyes... just with no words.

When it comes time to convey a visual message to an audience (gallery, zine, book or even a blog post) understanding the importance of a photo essay can help you tremendously. 

This past weekend in L.A. we got some good light and textures in the sky from a recent storm. Being busy with projects and running Visual I felt it would be a good break to get out into the streets to do some shooting. 

I decided to hit up one of my favorite neighborhoods for this which is K-Town. It is a very compact and condensed neighborhood with lots of offerings for photos. Heavy foot traffic, easy access to public transit as well as different types of architecture. 

Armed with my Monochrom I was inspired to see what black and white images I could make. After shooting on Sunday I gave myself a few days to digest the photos and to see what I produced. Feeling the way all the photos sat together I decided to make my own little photo essay. While not going too in depth those of you who have never explored this concept I hope it inspires you. Enjoy! 

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