Passing Through :: Shenzhen

Posted on February 07 2018

A few months back I was invited on a trip to China via Huawei. They extended an offer to myself, fellow photographer Pete Halvorsen as well as some tech journalist to get insight on the upcoming Mate 10 Pro   along with seeing some sights and checking out their headquarters. Having never been to Asia before I was excited for this. While we didn't get to have very long stays in the places we visited I was determined to make the most of it.

Our first stop was Shenzhen, which was a very humid environment.  Feeling similar to tropical type of conditions reminding me a lot of how the weather can be in Miami. Apparently this is a relatively new city only being around 30-35 years old. Originally it was a fishing village from what I was told. Now it is considered a silicon valley type of place. 

Looking at the skyline from a vantage point it was pretty obvious this was the case. Having finally gotten a chance to get around to processing some photos from this trip I decided to make this passing through segment. Below are a group of images from Shenzhen. The city was an interesting experience as well as a bit of a introduction to Chinese culture first hand. I aimed to focus more on making photos capturing the environment as well as the people of this city to had some human context to my photographs. I hope you enjoy! 



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