Passing Through :: Dameisha Beach, China

Posted on August 28 2018

Decided to create another Passing Through segment. This was a trip to China with Pete Halvorsen. We had decided to take a break from the urban perspective of Shenzhen, China and decided to go check out a beach. A little random but we looked forward to a change of pace. 

Pete was able to point us in the direction of Dameisha Beach. I remember it being a ways outside the city but it was definitely worth the drive. First off it was insanely humid while at this beach. But for me when I am in the mode of making photographs I brush almost anything off in the name of creating. 

Lucky for us the beach was relatively empty. Being this was in September perhaps it was off season. But apparently on a good day it is packed shoulder to shoulder. 

Another thing I noticed was the mass use of these American Flag floaties. Just about everyone on the beach had them. I guess one would assume they would have preferred a Chinese flag perhaps but to each their own. 

While not on any specific agenda when making these photos it was really about shooting what caught my eye. A variety pack of imagery so to say. Feel free to scroll below to see what I am talking about and hope you enjoy the pictures! 


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