One Piece :: Monica Alvarez

Posted on October 30 2017

I have been taking the time to look through some shoots for some upcoming posts. While it is good to take your time and let photos marinate before processing there is a down side to it. You end up with a ton of stuff that needs your attention. 

So rather than just make what I love doing feel like a job and formulaic I decided to just pick sets that inspire me at the moment. Todays group of photos is from my day with Monica Alvarez while she was visiting L.A. 

This was the first set we did this day. She had this cool one piece lingerie that had some awesome details to it. Usually I feel like the first set with someone is always a warm up to feel out each others energy for the day. 

Lucky for both of us this was a good day with a good first set to kick things off. Look below to see for yourself! 

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