Night Out :: Bob's Big Boy Classic Car Night

Posted on October 10 2016

If you do anything long enough you start to reach a point where you need to challenge yourself. Mentally and creatively. This has been a big thing for me recently. I am opening up my eyes to new opportunities to approach photograph some common settings differently. Last week my friend Travis Jensen mentioned he was going out to the Bob's Big Boy out in Burbank for a classic car night. Now if you live in L.A. you are familiar with the car culture out here in general. This night at Bob's Big Boy brings out a great crowd that loves and shares a common joy for great American automobiles. 

Now while I am not a car guy by any means I took tihs as an opportunity to hang out with some friends and to challenge myself to shoot this event in a way that makes me look different at the subject matter. Rather than focus on making a general photo showcasing the setting and the people there I found my eyes being drawn to the shapes and shadows within the cars themselves. 

I choose to shoot in black & white with my Monochrom camera. Those of you not familiar with this camera, it strictly shoots black & white. No color at all. I found this helpful here as I was not distracted by the colors of these beautiful machines. Instead I was able to focus on the idea at hand. Below are the results of my approach for this project. I hope you enjoy! 

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