Night Out :: Atmosphere at the Wiltern

Posted on August 21 2017

When I am in L.A. I usually tend to be a home body at night. I think this is due to the good amount of time I spend away traveling that when I do get to enjoy my home I prefer to just hang out with my daughter. 

But there are times where events go on in L.A. that make me want to go out for the experience. Last Friday Atmosphere was continuing his California tour with an L.A. stop was one of those times. I have been listening to his music for awhile now I realized that outside of SoundSet I had yet to experience his performance in a more intimate environment. With his show going on at the Wiltern (a venue I had yet to see a show at) I had plenty of reasons to go. 

If someone were to ask me to describe an Atmosphere show in one word it would be honest. No gimmicks, no thrills. Just great music with some honest words from the artist to their audience. And it shows. When you look out into the crowd and see the diverse mix of humans who all come together to enjoy their music is really cool too see. Not to mention the fact that Slug pulled up a fan on stage to do a song with him. 

Seeing things like this make me respect them that much more. Not only for what they have built with RhymeSayers or SoundSet but just for showing and proving that being honest with yourself, your audience and more importantly what you put out into the world goes a long way. Thanks Sean for letting me come check out the show, I truly enjoyed it. 

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