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Posted on July 28 2017

I am big believer in making due with what you have. This phrase can be applied to a lot of different settings but in the case of this blog post it is referring to lighting in photography. For years I have been a proactive advocate of natural lighting. Look through most of my photos and it is easy to tell that it is the constant light source I prefer to use.

Sometimes scheduling of shoots doesn't always work out in a time frame that is desired and you have to improvise. Such was the case when I was out in N.Y. and was trying to set up a shoot with Melissa Arreola while she was in town as well. It wound up being that night time was what worked well for the two of us. Having a pretty good suite at the W in the Financial District I felt it would work out in my favor to step out of my comfort zone and to work with the existing lighting in the hotel room. Mixed with the lights coming in from the surrounding buildings it was really fun to be able to try something a little different for me. It helped me see things a in a different view. 

We wound up shooting a few sets but this one really grabbed me. I loved making use of the reflections of Melissa in the windows for a few shots. So in the end while we all have go to's in life remember to try something a little different every now and then. All it is going to do is help. 

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