New Things :: Danielle Love

Posted on June 06 2018

Sometimes you gotta change things up just for the fun of it. While shooting with Danielle Love on a visit of hers to Los Angeles I decided to do just that. I have been having a lot of fun with exploring black and white for the past couple of years so for this shoot I wanted to experiment a bit with making some photos of her with a slower than normal shutter. Focusing on fragments of the female form with a bit of mysterious/abstract imagery being the outcome.

I really enjoyed the process of approaching a shoot differently (using existing internal light vs. sunlight for starters!) than what I might be use to. To me this is an important part of pushing your artistry as well as creativity to different levels. Sure it is good to keep on demonstrating your already proven abilities over and over and over again but remember stepping out your comfort zone will surprise a lot of people..... especially yourself. Enjoy the set!  

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