New Perspectives :: Los Angeles

Posted on June 20 2017

While I have had the pleasure of being able to fly around to different parts of the country to try my hand at aerial photography over different terrains there is nothing like being able to photograph your home town from the sky. While I had done some recent aerial work I felt like it had been a minute since I photographed the L.A. skyline. 

I know I wanted my next flight to be a bit more unique, I didn't know how exactly just different from what I experienced before. As mentioned in a prior post Los Angeles is known for June gloom and lucky for me we still had some laying around. 

This past weekend we were still experiencing heavy marine layer. Fortunate for me I fly out of the valley and usually in the morning time the fog doesn't reach out there. Once I was in the air you could tell downtown was going to be interesting. I felt fortunate to be able to be in the sky to not only witness these different perspectives but to also be able to photograph them and share with all of you. Check out the perspectives below and always remember to keep an eye out for those different moments. 

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