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Posted on December 21 2018

One of my most favorite types of film I was turned on to this past year is Ferrania P30. I became aware of it while visiting Blue Moon Camera up in Portland. It is a film with a beautiful contrast especially in harsh lighting situations with deep shadows. 

Earlier this year Asa Akira and I had gotten together again for a little shoot while she was in L.A. We were shooting at my place and I just so happen to have some good window placements which creates a good setting for some Ferrania P30 on a sunny day. So I went with it and anticipated the results being what I had imagined. And they were just that. Creating a film noir vibe of sorts with her. 

I had loved this images so much and waited till something popped up for us to put them to use. Being that we have always tried to do a fun release for Black Friday here at Visual that seemed to make the most sense. 

But in the end it all stemmed from stepping outside the box of the usual film options (Kodak and Ilford) and learning to understand the results other options can give you. Which can be a lot more unique than the standards. Be sure to check out the set below as well as the end result of our collection! 

Be sure to check out our latest collection with Asa Akira here! 

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