Monochromatic Over Miami

Posted on December 19 2016

Keeping my pursuit of mostly shooting in black and white (aside from projects) for the past 5 months I decided while in recently Miami it would be a good test to go up in the air and shoot the 305 with my Monochrom. I called up my good friends over at South Beach Helicopters  to see if they could squeeze me in for some aerial shooting. This was during Art Basel earlier this month so I was ready for them to tell me they would be booked up. Expecting to hear they were too swamp I actually lucked out with one time slot the day before I was set to leave. Another piece of good fortune was the weather being good. Rain can definitely come out of nowhere to ruin a good time in the MIA. 

Now anyone who has been to Miami would probably tell you their sun rises and sunsets are some of the most beautiful around. Regardless of this fact I didn't let it sway me in shooting this flight in black and white. Even 1,500 feet about Miami I see things differently with this thought process. Check below for my results and see for yourself! 





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