Monochromatic at the Mondrian :: Riley Reid

Posted on September 01 2016

It has been awhile since I have shot photos with Riley Reid. Probably four years to be exact. When her agent contacted me mentioning she was interested in creating some new imagery with me I was intrigued. We set up a date to shoot at the Mondrian in Los Angeles. Sometimes after not talking or seeing someone for awhile you are not sure how the photographic chemistry will be. 

Riley was great to work with as always. Not much had really changed with her other than she is not vegan anymore. This set I am featuring was 1 of 4 we did this day. This one is my favorite but due to the fact I got to mix it up with my Monochrome camera and some Ilford Delta 3200. I know there is a lot of imagery out there of this beauty out there but I figured it wouldn't hurt to share the photos we created. Scroll below to check them out. 



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