Light and Lace :: Danny Dev

Posted on June 14 2019

Hello from the road! I am currently in Seattle after wrapping up my event with Moab Paper and Creative Live. I made it a point to bring a hard drive with me to try to catch up on some photo sets. I find myself having some open windows of available time when traveling, especially at the airport and decided I am going to start putting them to use. 

When loading up my drive I realized I had not shared any of the other sets from a shoot I did with Danny Dev. I needed to change that and get to it. 

Below is one of the sets we made on the day of our shoot. I recall this being the first one we got going with. She had these cool two piece lace set that looked great with the light we had coming in. I was really intrigued by he details of her outfit and had a feeling this would be a fun set to make in black and white and color. I loaded up my Hasselblad 203fe with some bw ilford film and my Leica MP with some Portra 400. 

It was cool to see the end results from these two different cameras and how they looked sitting next to one another. It also reminded me I probably should be putting the 203fe to use more often. Hope you enjoy the set and thanks Danny for taking the time to make some photos with me. Time to get ready to board my flight. 

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