Missing Summer :: Rina Toeda

Posted on January 25 2019

For the past few weeks L.A. has finally started to kind of feel like winter. Between colder temps and having actual rain storms it is very much a welcomed change of pace in my opinion. While it is great to have constant sunshine it is also a bit rough at times when you don't feel like there is ever a change in seasons. Think groundhog day with weather and wardrobe.

With these thoughts in mind I decided to start looking through some photos I made during this past summer and came across this set I had made with Rina Toeda in my pool. Part of the perks of having a home with a pool is using it as a back drop when needed.

While I had posted the first set of our shoot here I recalled suggesting it would be fun to see what we could create underwater when thinking what we should shoot next.

Since she was visiting L.A. during the summer she just so happened to have a bikini packed with her just incase. Now while that would have probably made for good visuals as is I thought that her throwing on a t-shirt over it might make something a little different. 

With her Union shirt layered over her two piece we jumped in and started to create. It was definitely more of a relaxed fun shoot which is what I was aiming for. Merely being an observer and making photos of what caught my eye. 

Afterwards when we got out I loved how her hair looked so we shot a couple of portraits on my back patio while we dried off. All in all a fun collection of images for you to enjoy!



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