Manic Monday :: Mive Ramos

Posted on March 13 2017

A new Monday means the start of a new work week. Fortunately it also means a new Manic Monday segment. Today I am featuring a set of photos I made with Mive Ramos while in Miami. 

After visiting the 305 for the past 8 years I love being able to continuously meet new people. Especially ones I get to create with. I remember Mive initially contacting me via my Tumblr. Fortunately for us one of my recent trips out to the Sunshine state allowed us to shoot a few sets together. This one was easily a favorite. Not only due to it being monochromatic but also for it the sheer easy going feel of it. Making photos with someone who is not only confident in themselves but comfortable in their own skin enables different photo opportunities. 

So I hope you enjoy the initial set and be sure to kill it this week! I know the best feeling is when Friday rolls around and you look back on all you accomplished! 

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