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Posted on August 16 2017

Having creative friends is such a good blessing to have in life. They often times will motivate you, inspire you as well as push you. One friend of mine that often does this is Jacob Rosenberg.  Seeing his growth from skateboard videos to music videos to commercials as well as amazing films his personal growth has always been inspiring. 

A couple of months ago he called me up and asked if I wanted to be apart of a new short he was working on with some magicians he had befriended. While this may not have been subject matter I was familiar with photographing I knew it would be fun to step out of my comfort zone especially with something as different as shooting this. 

I met up with Jacob and the crew just outside L.A. and we then took the train into downtown to head over to our location. It definitely was an experience getting insight into their world and also being able to challenge myself to make photos that not only showcase their talents properly but allow the view to immerse themselves into their world just a little bit. Check out the photos below from this day as well as the short film. Thanks again Jacob for the opportunity! 

FRANCO PASCALI from Jacob Rosenberg on Vimeo.


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