M Class :: A Day with the Leica M10

Posted on January 25 2017

Last week I had the opportunity to head over to Wetzlar,Germany. Home to the famed Leitz Park as well as the Leica Camera HQ. Now myself and everyone over there had a pretty good idea of the occasion but nothing was confirmed. What was on everyones thoughts was the rumored release of a new digital M camera from Leica. The previous model ( M 240 ) was released back in 2012 and seemed due for a revised version. While a great camera I think everyone was excited to see what they could do to improve an already amazing instrument.

Low and behold the night came and the Leica M10 was formally announced. With a re-designed body, sensor as well as some other features I found inspiring in the camera. Which to me is a huge part of any creative process. Wether you are a musician, painter, writer or photographer when you pick up your instrument to make your art form it should always spark some sort of excitement, creativity or inspiration. For me I find that in the Leica M cameras. 

A group of us had the chance to take the M10 out for a test spin in the town of Marburg. Which by the way is a beautiful city. Having a great contrast of old and new due to it being a University town filled with young people. Once in my hands and I made my first few shots and I was sparked. We walked all over town putting our cameras to use in various settings. I was extremely pleased with images. Having had a few requests of people from different social platforms I decided to make some selects from this day to share here. Now this is not a technical review by any means, it is simply just showing out of camera photos to give you an idea of its capabilities. No filters, no fluff, just photos.

At the end of the day it is all about what makes you happy when you create your photos. Some it can be as simple as a disposable camera, others it can be latest and greatest technical camera with unrealistic iso capabilities. For me I find a creative pleasure in the M series cameras which at the end of the day is so important to do what makes you happy. Enjoy the images below!

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