Lady in Red :: Monica Alvarez

Posted on October 22 2018

With summer just ending recently I wanted to share some fun images I got to make with Monica Alvarez on a recent trip she took to L.A. just before one of the funnest seasons of the year came to a close. 

She and I have had the opportunities to create some photo sets over the years that I think it is safe to say we are both proud of. On this day we figured we would just shoot 2 different outfits to see what we could create. 

This first one I wanted to share was this cool free flowing red dress she had. Having the good fortune of a pool being in my backyard I figured this would be a great setting to shoot her in said dress. Working with a couple of different film cameras as well as film stock I was curious to see the outcome of mixing some different types of tools together. 

To be able to continuously create someone over a good length of time and to be able to constantly make photos that feel different than past ones is a good thing in my opinion. Thanks Monica for always being down to see what we could come up with creatively. I hope you all enjoy the images below! 

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